Welcome to Desideratum

Welcome to Desideratum
Welcome to Desideratum!

A few years ago, I set out to create an online community and space to inspire and empower people to live a more conscious and creative life, in whichever way meant the most to them. Over the years, the ideas in which I have set out to achieve this have changed, but the core concept has always remained the same.

You may have read the famous ‘Desiderata’ by Max Erhmann, a creed that really inspired this project (if you haven’t, I’d definitely recommend that you check it out here!). The word ‘Desideratum’ stems from Latin, meaning ‘something that is needed or wanted’. This was a journey that I needed and wanted, and felt there was space for in the world, and so became Desideratum.

I come from a musical background primarily (you can follow my musical journey over on Instagram), but have always been passionate about writing, sustainability and making a difference to others. On this journey, I want to share with you the stories of people exploring their creativity through a conscious lens and the companies that are striving to make a difference to the world around us. From sustainable beauty to artists using their work to express what we are afraid to say and to action change, to food and wellness, I hope that along the way, you find something that ignites a fire in you.

Life can so often seem to get in the way of what we want the most, providing walls of resistance and challenges we didn’t even know could exist. I know these walls well – getting personal, the last few years of my life have tested my resilience beyond measure. This culminated in losing my Gran and my Dad within ten months of each other, and ultimately losing myself too. I had so many hopes, dreams and opportunities that I let slip along the way, but even in the darkest moments of despair, only one time did that flicker of light get close to burning out – I was saved by those around me, and the tiniest voice inside that knew I couldn’t let it all go for a life lacking in passion and purpose. This experience slowly reignited the desire to provide a safe space and community for others to live a life they love through two things very close to my heart – creativity and conscious living.

Conscious living has become somewhat of a buzzword and can mean different things to different people – there is no right or wrong answer – but to me, it simply means living in a way that aligns truly with yourself and empowers you to make decisions that fit with your True North, doing your best for yourself and others.

So as much as Desideratum is for you, it is also for me, so we can learn together how to live a life that inspires the best in us and those around us.

I’m so excited to really lean into this journey after years of taking a back seat, and hope that it can inspire you to do the same in your life.

See you along the way,



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